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In February 2008 Don, a carpenter of 3o plus years   considered building a motorcycle hearse, after seeing a picture of a Pennsylvania built hearse.   However, upon seeing the superior quality, engineering, and workmanship of the Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse, the decision was made to have one custom built.    

After contacting Tombstone, he learned they have been building motorcycle hearses since since 2001, their original concept was over 10 years old.  This combined with the classic styling of the coach, gives it a 19th century look, pulled behind a 2008 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic.   Modern yet reminiscent of days gone by, exactly what Don was after.   

Being an independent motorcycle hearse service enables us to go wherever needed, working directly with you, your family or your hometown funeral director to provide this personalized service. 

'Clear Creek Coach  provides a distinctive motorcycle hearse service, established in April 2008 by Don Guffey of Schell City, Missouri;  owner and operator'.  
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